Meet the Checkers Special Events Team

Sandee Munroe
VP & Special Events Director

Linda Burgess
Special Event Coordinator

Monica Perez
Special Event Coordinator

Our group of innovative, professional event planners are ready to help create an event for you that is extraordinary and graced by exceptional service. Coupled with our gourmet cuisine your next event will be one to remember. Let us introduce this fabulous group to you.

Besides having a customer list that she works with directly, Sandee also manages the Special Event Department and provides them with her 20 years of experience planning customer events. She ensures that each project is planned, executed and all the details are carefully considered. “We have a great group of coordinators and that makes my job a lot easier,” says Sandee of her team. Sandee also works with other outside event planners that utilize Checkers for their client events.

The Special Event Coordinator receives a customer event request and makes it happen from start to finish. Sounds easy... but today’s events are no simple affairs. Some of the coordination to pull off a great event today includes: establishing a theme for the overall event, securing a venue, coordinating invitations and guest lists, arranging for chairs, tables, serving tables, flowers, decorations, lighting, sound and entertainment. “You really have to love the details,” says Monica, “because the details can really make the difference in the final event.”

Then there’s the food. “Sometimes customers know exactly what they want when it comes to a menu” says Sandee, “But even then, it is our job to ensure the menu they want is going to work well when presented all together at their event.” The food portion of an event brings another whole list of items to plan and coordinate including: menu selection, tasting sessions, utensils and plating options, serving styles, arrangement of food tables, food warming and cooling provisions, canopies and food protection.

Then there’s the event. Once all the planning, food preparation and arranging has taken place it still remains the Special Event Coordinators job to make sure everything comes together the day of. A few of the elements that make this successful is the set up, decorations, ensuring that everything is delivered as planned, managing staffing and even cleaning up afterward. “It is very fulfilling to work so hard with a customer on their event and to see it all come together and their smile at the end" says Linda.

This unique group of event planners all work together to create the many fabulous events for our customers. So when you call to plan your next event, know that you are in qualified and experienced hands.