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Checkers Catering & Special Events Menus

Let our professionals take charge of your next event so you can relax and enjoy family and friends. Whether it's an intimate dinner or a blockbuster corporate event for 5000, our Event Planners, Chefs and Catering Specialists will pamper your guests and make your experience memorable.

Daily Set & Go Catering

We provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner to businesses and schools in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, South Bay, Peninsula and East Bay for weekday delivery. Set & Go is placed on a linen tablecloth with sturdy Biodegradable plates, utensils and paper napkins. We also provide the necessary non-disposable equipment for you to use at no extra charge, and return later to pick up all non-disposable equipment and linens.

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Wedding & Special Events Menu

Our Professional Event Planners will be delighted to help you with your event. We'll assist with menu planning, floral arrangements, linens, table, chair and equipment rental as well as other services for your special occasion. Our professional staff will provide exceptional service, arriving in tailored black dress shirts and black tie, black slacks, shoes and long black bistro aprons. We also have themed uniforms to tie in with the nature of your event. Call us today to speak with an Event Planner.

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Gourmet Appetizers

Our Appetizer menu offers a large variety of options from simple to elaborate, all gourmet and tasty to suit any gathering or party. Our ingredients are all the freshest. local sourced we can get, and many feature seasonal varieties that vary depending on the time of year.

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When you are ready for your next barbecue, picnic or social gathering. Checkers has a variety of authentic, down-home barbecue and picnic ideas to satisfy your needs and tastebuds. Including themed events such as Caribbean, Hawaiian, Southern and Mexican Fiesta. Whether it's a Set & Go barbecue for 20 close friends or full-service, on-site barbecue for 5,000, our seasoned event coordinators are ready to bring the BBQ to you!

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Fall and Winter Holiday Menu

No better time to let Checkers take the worry and work out of the Holidays so you can relax and enjoy your family and friends. Call us today.

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Themed Holiday Menus

Coming up with the perfect catering menu for your holiday party can be the biggest barrier. Checkers Catering & Special Events specializes in having the perfect menu, no matter what holiday you are celebrating. Your guests will appreciate the delicious food and you'll love the way we take care of your guests. Call us today.

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Weekday Set & Go Specials

Every day is something new on our Set & Go Week Day Special. Each daily special is a delicious, fully balanced meal for one.

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Fresh & Simple

Checkers Catering Fresh & Simple menu offers Fresh Sandwiches, Salads, Breakfast items & Desserts served cold and dropped off to you with a big discount on our delivery fee. It's the same high quality great tasting food & service you have come to expect in a simple budget minded approach.

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