Special Events and Catering Terms of Conditions


A deposit of $50% of your Contracts/Estimates for Special Events will be required to confirm your reservation date. The deposit serves as both your reservation confirmation and security deposit. Reservation deposits are non-refundable if you cancel an event.


The per-guest costs on the catering estimate contract are based on the original estimated guest count given. If the confirmed number of guests is less than the original proposed count, the per-guest costs may increase. The amount of increase will be calculated in proportion to the overall size of your event.


A final guarantee of attendance must be provided fourteen (14) full working days prior to your event (working days are Monday through Friday). This number is not subject to reduction, but may be increased up to (5) days prior to the event. (Please note the above "Initial Estimate Guest Count" paragraph)


Payment is required (14) full working days prior to the event. If payment is not received in our office we will be unable to serve your party. Payment may be made by cash, check, cashier's check or credit card. After 14 days prior we accept "only" cashier's check, credit card or cash. No Personal checks will be accepted after the 14 days prior. Any returned check will incur a 40.00 fee, which will be charged to the client.


Site inspections are required on some events. This inspection will occur after an initial proposal has been done, and is acceptable to both the client and Checkers. Set up and execution of the event will be planned at that time and any additional costs will be added into the estimate if necessary.


There will be additional labor fees for any set up or breakdown of any tables, chairs, bar set up (including glassware), equipment, linens, centerpieces, that are NOT purchased from Checkers Catering. Fees will be determined based on specific items and complexity of set up, handling and breakdown of said items. If these fees were not established in the initial estimated, they will be, discussed, itemized and will be added to the final bill.


Breakage will be back charged for full replacement cost of item at the end of event.


After the agreed upon serving time, we will offer to go containers for any leftover items you may have, that are within the safe food zone. All other food will be removed and disposed of as required by our insurance and health department. Any guests that arrive after the prearranged serving time may risk missing our meal service. If you have any guest that is scheduled to arrive after service, we can pre-arrange to save them a meal with enough prior notice and accommodations.


Events or menu items cancelled or changed less than (14) working days prior to event will result in a charge of 50% of the cost of all menu items ordered. Events or menu items cancelled or changed less than (5) working days prior to event will result in a charge of 75% of the cost of all items listed on the estimate. A Full Charge Orders cancelled 24 hours or less prior to the day of your scheduled event will result in a 100% charge of all costs.


Required Staffing charges will be determined on the needs of each event. Every event is unique in some way, and necessary staffing for your event has been determined and outlined in your proposal. If your event is at a private home, then it should be noted that we require a minimum base of two staff on all private home parties. In addition, staffing fees may be back charged after an event if the event staff works longer than the predetermined time frame of the event.


The "Initial Estimate" is an estimate (a preliminary bid) only. This estimate is subject to change. Changes may be made due to a variety of situations or circumstances, including things that we may have missed or were unaware of, that will affect the event in whole or in part.

I have read and fully understand all terms and conditions for Checkers Catering. I understand all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable and will be applied towards the final bill. Any changes in the event or scope resulting in additional labor or other fees not covered in estimate may be added to the final bill, which is due and payable upon receipt.