Checkers Catering & Special Events is proud to be the first GREEN caterer in the Tri-Valley. Since 2006, we have been adhering to strict guidelines set by Alameda County in order to maintain our GREEN business status and help protect the world we live in. We have reduced our environmental impact by using less energy and reducing our waste; utilizing local foods, green products and services as much as possible: and by building support from our clients, vendors and the local community.


Helping Safeguard Our Planet

  • 2018 StopWaste Business Efficiency Award Winner for Excellence in Waste Prevention & Reuse

  • Comprehensive recycling program for cardboard, food waste, paper, plastic & metal containers diverts approx 1.5k cubic yards annually.

  • Food, paper & floral waste, approx 600 cubic yards annually, are composted reducing landfill waste.

  • 425+ gallons of cooking oil recycled annually

  • Installed reflective roofing material and an array of Solar Panels to meet our power needs and contribute back to the local grid during non-use.

  • Sterno fuel has been replaced with re-fillable more sustainable sugar cane fuel that allows for limited can re-use, allowing us to divert 6k-8k cans annually from landfill as well as an undetermined amount of unspent fuel.

  • Serving platters are reusable ceramic unless otherwise specified by client.

  • Installed a water-conserving diswashwer & low-flow pre-rinse/scrap collector preventing food waste entering into drainage system.

  • Re-usable, biodegradable & compostable items have replaced disposables.

  • Installed automatic lighting controls & energy efficient bulbs to reduce energy consumption.

  • Paper products in office & kitchen are 100% post consumer products.

  • Eliminated the use of non-recyclable Styrofoam.

  • "To Go" containers are biocompostable.

  • "Fair Trade" coffee & teas used exclusively.

  • Food waste & recyclables from client events are brought back to our facility and properly disposed of.

  • All service vehicles are carefully maintained & serviced for optimal efficiency.

  • Created/implemented an eco awareness program for employees to better understand our culture of commitment to protecting our environment.

  • Influenced our largest vendor US Foods ($40BN US/annually) to become a certified Green business.

  • Continue to evaluate our efforts, implement improvements & reinforce our mission to our customers, company and the world we live in.